One last post

So while I was putting pictures up of the family I noticed one of Abby and I couldn't resist. Naturally this picture was taken right before Christmas.
Isn't she adorable and wouldn't you know it --- Santa has a reindeer dog :) What a pup, gotta love her!

December 2008

So I haven't exactly been shy about letting everyone know that I am lagging behind. What am I talking about? Well let me explain...

In December Mom and I took Carrington to Disneyland for her B-Day. I know its January and why is this just now being posted. Well two reasons --- first I just got the blog up and running and second I just downloaded the hundreds of pictures to the computer. I actually started the blog tonight because I was waiting for the pictures to download and then I got consumed by everything so here it is nearly 1:30 am and I am still up and posting to my blog.

Anyways, back to Disneyland! We had a fantastic time. I won't say that Disney was as magical the second time around as the first. Maybe that's because it was chilly, Carrington was a little under the weather, there was a part of us missing or a combination of the three. There were times when Mom and I looked at each other with that knowing looking just barely holding back the tears - yet then there were those times when those tears just seemed to naturally dampen our cheeks. (I guess we never forget and wherever we go Dad is 'still' with us!) Regardless of those few moments, there were moments of pure joy.

Some of those joyous occasions came with watching Carrington being told over and over "Happy Birthday", special presents from Mickey (delivered to the room - of coarse), riding roller coasters, meeting Mickey / Minnie, watching parades and searching for that perfect picture spot. It was a little sad that Carrington had grown so much from our last trip - she quite literally had to walk the whole park and wasn't able to piggy-back on the scooter with Grandma, but we managed.

Since the pictures are fresh to the computer - I thought I would put a couple up here. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Love is in the air - Class

It's here... Classes out of my home.

As many of you know - I have re-started classes out of my home. The first class will be this Sunday, 1/25 from 2-5.

For your $20.00 fee you will create a total of 8 (yes you heard me correctly) cards / projects. I hope to soon have payment by credit/debit card up on the site, but I'm just not there yet.

As you can see from the picture some of the projects would be fantastic for teachers and kids. Don't miss it - R.S.V.P. today!

It's official!

Well, I have finally broken down and started my own blog. This has been on a long list of "I would like to do one day" but naturally time seems to always be short and it gets pushed to the back burner.

Anyways, I am jumping into the blogging world for a few basic reasons:
1- To showcase my latest creative juices in the scrap and stamp world
2- Inform you of upcoming classes
3- Share with friends and family the many joys and few sorrows that occur throughout life
4- Naturally SU! and Cricut

I will try my best to title posts with a specific heading so you don't have to read the latest about the dog unless you want to.

Enough said --- I guess it's better to just get started.

About Me

Hello! My name is Erin and I admit it I am a scrap and stamp o-holic. I won't try and hide it, maybe one day I will find my way to classes for help, but today I am taking the first step - admittance. I am a very proud mom of a beautiful eight-year-old daughter. My daughter is the reason I scrap and stamp - without her the memories I preserve simply wouldn't mean as much. As if I haven't shared enough about me, I have the most phenomenal mother on the planet. My mom is my rock, my best friend and my hero. I am proud to be her daughter! ~E~