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So while I was putting pictures up of the family I noticed one of Abby and I couldn't resist. Naturally this picture was taken right before Christmas.
Isn't she adorable and wouldn't you know it --- Santa has a reindeer dog :) What a pup, gotta love her!


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Hello! My name is Erin and I admit it I am a scrap and stamp o-holic. I won't try and hide it, maybe one day I will find my way to classes for help, but today I am taking the first step - admittance. I am a very proud mom of a beautiful eight-year-old daughter. My daughter is the reason I scrap and stamp - without her the memories I preserve simply wouldn't mean as much. As if I haven't shared enough about me, I have the most phenomenal mother on the planet. My mom is my rock, my best friend and my hero. I am proud to be her daughter! ~E~