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If so, I encourage you to visit Hammonds Candy Factory. A few weeks ago Carrington and I ventured to the factory in search of red, white and blue hard candy. Hammonds didn't disappoint and I found red, white and blue ribbon candy, pillows and the always beautiful cut rock candy. You ask, what is cut rock candy? These are the art candies that you see at holidays that have pictures inside. Cut rock candy for the 4th of July has the U.S. Flag inside (see pics).

So the first of these images is the stacking process to 'create' the U.S. flag. The second image is right after the candy goes through the cutting/wrapping process and the last image is - you guessed it my dear daughter sticking her hands in the bin to 'fill' the goodie bag.

While C and I were there I noticed a recent change to the tours they offer. They offer the free delightful tour - this tour begins with a quick video and then a walk to the viewing area to 'see' what candy they are making today and ending at the sample bin. C loves the tour and it doesn't seem to matter how many times we go, she's always eager to go back. In addition to the free tour Hammonds has also added a behind the scenes (available at a cost) tour.

If you know C and I, well you can see where this is going - I'm reading about the tour and C is right there reading along. The next thing I know "Mom..." Okay, now I have to think about this. Fortunately, I had time - the behind the scenes requires booking in advance! Few, off the hook for today.

Fast forward two weeks --- this brings us to yesterday where you guessed it off to Hammonds we went. Mom, C and I were joined by great friends and together the six of us enjoyed a behind the scenes tour of Hammonds. Now I have to admit that making candy is a true art! We had our hand in making several batches of candy from the fresh off the stove and onto the cooling table to making lollies and candy canes. Regardless, my candy cane isn't quite straight; matter of fact it has bumps and dips where candy canes should be straight and my hook 'has issues', my lolly is round (this is a good thing) but it has a hole in the center almost large enough for my pinkie finger to go through (not so good). Now I know candy making is an art and not everyone is cut out for the job, but seriously a candy cane shouldn't be this hard, right? Trust me, it's not as easy as it looks.

Mom is making a candy cane

Oh and I should mention that today's candy canes were chocolate filled raspberry canes! Now I would have never picked this cane up, but after sampling the cane fresh off the line and sucking all the chocolate out of the center - there may not be anything better. Let's just say YUM!

Anyways, I have included several pics - please note that the always stylish and fashionable hair nets and aprons are required on the production floor and while I know this fashion trend hasn't quite caught on - I am sure it will and soon you too will be prancing around town dawning your own version :)

Carrington lolly making

All our wonderful creations

Note: I do not work for or in any way get paid for my views by Hammonds. However, if you would like more information on Hammonds, please visit there website at and be sure to let them know that I sent you!


JanS June 30, 2009 at 3:27 PM  

This looks like so much fun. Can we book a tour when the kidlets and I come out?

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