Disney Album 2 - Class 1 Continued

The final page for this month's class is Alice in Wonderland. Here is the picture:

I hope you like this months three pages and I am looking forward to seeing you in October for Villains.

Until then may your days be filled with laughter and magic.

Disney Album 2 - Class 1

WOW! Can you believe that it's almost the middle of September. Where has the year gone? Mom was just sitting here and reminded me that I better get to working on my Christmas thank-you's if I plan on getting them out in a timely manner --- what happened to getting the Christmas cards made and addressed as you all know how good I am at sending out Christmas cards (remember last years cards are still sitting in the box). Uggg... To much to think about now especially when we have DISNEY to talk about.

Album one is finished so it's time to begin anew with album 2. Invitations are being sent as we speak, email me if you are missing your e-vite.

Class 1 is scheduled for either THIS Sat. 9/12/09 at 11:00am or Tues. 9/15/09 at 6:30pm. You pick the date/time that works best and I'll be here. Be sure to RSVP so I know when to expect you.

So should I give you a sneek peak?.......... Okay you twisted my arm.

Think this says it all. Let me know what you think!

Until I see you may your days be magical.

EXPO Results & a FREE give-away!

Wow! Expo was a blast and a HUGE success...

Expo Booth

Thank-you to everyone who came out said, "Hi".

As promised, here are a few sample projects using the various punch art that was at the booth. Oh and good news, if you leave me a comment (with your name and email address) I will randomly draw a name for a FREE cupcake memo pad.

These were both created using the Farm Punch Art Candy

Likewise, these were both created using the Zoo Punch Art Candy

I will be back tomorrow to show you more ideas using punch art, including a cute cupcake party favor, a Halloween candy tin and the inner pages of the Zoo paper bag album.
Happy posting and enjoy!

Rubber Stamp and Scrapbook Expo

So tomorrow marks the 17th anniversary of the Rubber Stamp and Scrapbook Expo in Loveland, CO at The Ranch (next door to the Budweiser Event Center) and that's where you'll find me. I'll be the cute one in the Stampin Up! booth :) I would LOVE to see you!!!!

My friend and upline Jo talked me into participating and asked me to bring a few make-n-takes. After several debates, Mom and I decided on "punch art" items. Here are the two project display boards:

Spider Peppermint Treats

Cupcake Memo Pads

In addition to the projects above, Mom and I put together two "punch art" candy packages. The farm package includes a cow, sheep, pig and a fence. The second zoo package includes an elephant, lion, bear and giraffe. We had great fun punching and glueing. Hope everyone thinks they are as cute as we do - here's a picture:

I have some examples put together using these cute critters and will post them after the expo.

4th of July

Can you believe that the year is half over? Where did the days go? Well, if I could answer that question I would be a millionaire. Anyways, Mom and I have been working on goodies for the 4th of July to share with family and friends. It has been a bit of a challenge with an 8 year-old helper (why is school out?), but I thought you might enjoy seeing all the items that have been created.

The outermost favors are little purses filled with mints. These are 4x8" strips of paper scored and folded at 3.5" and 4.5", to form a base. Then using my SU! large oval punch, I punched the handle. The purses were then filled, tied shut and decorated.

Next to the purses are matchbox favors filled with Hammonds art candy (see my post on June 23 for more information). The matchboxes are created with the SU! matchbox die and big shot. This may be my favorite big shot die as these boxes are sooooo cute and super simple to create. In addition they hold 4 small pieces of candy or two fun size candy bars, just enough for a candy fix on any occasion.

Moving inward from the matchboxes are lifesaver firecrackers, filled sour cream containers and candy rockets. The lifesaver firecrackers are rolled lifesaver rolls (hard to find). I attached a piece of string to the end of the roll to create the fuse, rolled the lifesavers in decorative paper and then attached a piece of star wire to the middle as a decorative element.

Sour cream containers are 4.25x5.5" rolled into a toilet paper tube, and then squishes at one end, filled and then squished at the other. The ends were then run through my crimper to ensure that they wouldn't split open. My sour cream containers were filled with cherry mints - the 8 year-old loves 'em.

The last item is the candy rockets. Here's an up-close picture.

The rocket is a miniature roll of mentos, I found these at my local Party America store, attached to a glittery pencil. I attached a piece of #5 perle cotton to the candy (this is the fuse) and then wrapped my decorative paper (measuring 2x3") around both the candy and the pencil ensuring that the fuse was close to the pencil. This provides the base for the rocket, then as a decorative element I added an 8" piece of star wire to the base of the rocket. Voila!

In total there are 120 goodies. I think our 4th of July celebration will be great and I certainly hope yours will be as well!

All Things Disney Scrapbook Event - Take 4

Did I mention that Disney class is right around the corner? This month we will do things a little different and I will have open scrap night Tuesday and Wednesday from 5pm - 9pm. Please let me know in advance if you can come and when. In addition, I will be delivering kits tomorrow (Monday 6/29), if you would like me to drop your kit off, please email me and we can make arrangements.

Now without any further delays, here are this months pages...


Beauty and the Beast


In addition, for the 4th of July I have created a special 2-page holiday spread - remember that holiday pages are $8.50 and are not included in your kits. Please let me know as soon as possible if you would like the page so I can set it aside as these are limited editions and will only be available on a 1st come basis.

4th of July Holiday

Have you been a loyal follower? If so the last page of your book will also be included in this months kit. Here's the image:

Back Page

As you can see this page will end our first series scrapbook in style. It will however, not be the end to our Disney adventure. I will be spending the summer putting together Disney scrapbook series 2 (coming in August): which will include characters such as Lilo & Stitch, Captain Hook, Aladin, Mater and so many others. I receive emails ever week with your Disney requests so keep the emails coming and be sure to send yours along if you haven't yet done so.

Hoping you have many magical moments and I hope to see you real soon!

Candy Factory

Do you love sweets? Do you live in the Denver Metro area?

Candy Coal

If so, I encourage you to visit Hammonds Candy Factory. A few weeks ago Carrington and I ventured to the factory in search of red, white and blue hard candy. Hammonds didn't disappoint and I found red, white and blue ribbon candy, pillows and the always beautiful cut rock candy. You ask, what is cut rock candy? These are the art candies that you see at holidays that have pictures inside. Cut rock candy for the 4th of July has the U.S. Flag inside (see pics).

So the first of these images is the stacking process to 'create' the U.S. flag. The second image is right after the candy goes through the cutting/wrapping process and the last image is - you guessed it my dear daughter sticking her hands in the bin to 'fill' the goodie bag.

While C and I were there I noticed a recent change to the tours they offer. They offer the free delightful tour - this tour begins with a quick video and then a walk to the viewing area to 'see' what candy they are making today and ending at the sample bin. C loves the tour and it doesn't seem to matter how many times we go, she's always eager to go back. In addition to the free tour Hammonds has also added a behind the scenes (available at a cost) tour.

If you know C and I, well you can see where this is going - I'm reading about the tour and C is right there reading along. The next thing I know "Mom..." Okay, now I have to think about this. Fortunately, I had time - the behind the scenes requires booking in advance! Few, off the hook for today.

Fast forward two weeks --- this brings us to yesterday where you guessed it off to Hammonds we went. Mom, C and I were joined by great friends and together the six of us enjoyed a behind the scenes tour of Hammonds. Now I have to admit that making candy is a true art! We had our hand in making several batches of candy from the fresh off the stove and onto the cooling table to making lollies and candy canes. Regardless, my candy cane isn't quite straight; matter of fact it has bumps and dips where candy canes should be straight and my hook 'has issues', my lolly is round (this is a good thing) but it has a hole in the center almost large enough for my pinkie finger to go through (not so good). Now I know candy making is an art and not everyone is cut out for the job, but seriously a candy cane shouldn't be this hard, right? Trust me, it's not as easy as it looks.

Mom is making a candy cane

Oh and I should mention that today's candy canes were chocolate filled raspberry canes! Now I would have never picked this cane up, but after sampling the cane fresh off the line and sucking all the chocolate out of the center - there may not be anything better. Let's just say YUM!

Anyways, I have included several pics - please note that the always stylish and fashionable hair nets and aprons are required on the production floor and while I know this fashion trend hasn't quite caught on - I am sure it will and soon you too will be prancing around town dawning your own version :)

Carrington lolly making

All our wonderful creations

Note: I do not work for or in any way get paid for my views by Hammonds. However, if you would like more information on Hammonds, please visit there website at www.hammondscandies.com and be sure to let them know that I sent you!

All Things Disney Scrapbook Event - Take 3

Here we are, AGAIN!
All Things Disney Scrapbook Event - Take 3
May 16: At Erin's House
2:00 - 4:00pm

In this month's $25.00 Disney class - we will complete three two-page spreads with Daisy Duck, Eeyore and Lighting McQueen. The pages will shine in your book and naturally are a great addition to the near 22 pages that we have already completed.

The invites are in cyber-space and should soon arrive in your Inbox soon.

In the event that yours doesnt' arrive, please leave a comment on the website, or email me directly.

That does it for the 'not-so-fun-stuff' --- Here's what your really looking forward too...

Daisy Duck


Did I mention that there is an unexpected surprise with this adorable Eeyore page? I didn't? Well you'll have to wait to find out! :)

Lighting McQueen

Don't forget to email me your answers to my recent challenge --- remember, you can win.

So Today is My B-Day

So today is my special B-Day - yep you guessed it I'm 25, again!

Maybe in a few years I'll decide that I can officially grow older, but not right now!

I thought I would post a quick note while I am thinking about it and let everyone know that the next Disney class will be on the 17th. I decided that class this weekend wasn't a good idea with my b-day and then next week is Mother's Day so we'll put it off until things calm down a bit.


Tinkerbell Flies into your scrapbook

You've been patiently waiting for the next page for the April 4th class and her she is... Tinkerbell.

Let me know what you think.

Getting Ready for the next Disney Class

Save the Date:
April 4th ~ 3:00-5:00

It seems like just yesterday that I was putting the final touches on the March Disney pages... Here we are with April right around the corner and you know what that means, right? It's time for another Disney class. In this month's $25.00 class you will create three beautiful two-page spreads with characters such as Donald and Tinkerbell. I know that's only two.... I am still working on the third page so as soon as I know that I am not completely crazy I will post the third page character / demonstration page.

In addition, this month will bring a special Easter page, Disney style. This page will be available on a first come first serve basis at a cost of $8.50. Please email me if you'd like to add the page (picture coming soon) so I can ensure that it is included in your order.

Wishing you many magical moments!

Last but not Least...


These are all the pages for the March class.

See you Saturday!

We have a winner

Bev visited the website and figured out the third 'P' character for this Saturday's class.
Have you figured it out? Well the good news is if you haven't figured it out, the last page will be posted sometime tomorrow (Thurs. Mar 5th) so the wait is almost over.
As a reminder - items you will want to bring to class:
Liquid adhesive, tape adhesive, pop-dots and a black fine-tip pen
Other items that you may want to have:
Foam tape and stickles
If you have any questions, please don't forget to drop me a line.
Wishing you many magical memories, see you Saturday!

All Things Disney Scrapbook Event

With out too many words - Here are the demonstration pages:



Opps, did you notice that there are only two sets of pages. Well the third page is still a mystery. I know some of you don't like surprises, so here's a hint. This month's Disney class is the class of P's: Pluto, Pooh and P... . Have you figured it out? If you think you know, send me an email with your answer and if you're the first one to answer correctly I will have a special treat for you at class on the 7th.


Celebrate Spring

The birds are beginning to chirp, daffodils are poking their heads up and it won't be too long before the blossoms abound and butterflies take flight once more. In this $20.00 class you will create seasonal cards (including a few for spring and Easter), treats and a couple of other surprises.

Date: March 15th
Time: 2:00 - 4:00pm
Location: Erin's House

Email me to reserve your spot!


Save the Date

Important Dates to Save:
March 7th
March 15th

March 7th - Back by Popular Demand, All things Disney Scrapbook Page Event

Celebrate the special moments of your life with your Disney friends and family. In this month's $25.00 class you will create three beautiful two-page spreads with characters such as Pluto, Pooh and someone else a little special.

The pages are just being finished and will soon appear here!

March 15th - Celebrate Spring

The birds are beginning to chirp, daffodils are poking their heads up and it won't be too long before the blossoms abound and butterflies take flight once more. In this $20.00 class you will create seasonal cards (including a few for spring and Easter), treats and a couple of other surprises.

Once again, keep an eye out on the blog as these are done and just awaiting the perfect photo-op.

To reserve your spot, send an email to erin.swain@comcast.net and I will send you confirmation of your reservation as well as directions to our new class site.

*** Have a friend or two that would love to come, RSVP (with email addresses) for everyone in your group.

Until I see you,
Have many magical scrapping moments and may your ink pad never run dry,

Time Flies

Wow! I was just looking at the site and realized that I began the blog and then disappeared. I just had a brief thought about updating the blog with the usual: what the family's been up to, latest scrapbooking/cards that we've created and anything else that seems important. That thought left almost as soon as I came up with it as it seems to be a bit boring.

I guess the best thing to say is that we are all still doing well and are hanging in there and I am still enabling family and friends to enjoy this passion of mine - kinda like my own personal economic stimulus plan.

That being said, I have many new projects to share as well as information on upcoming classes so check the blog weekly (or more frequently is you like) as the blog is about to blossom.


One last post

So while I was putting pictures up of the family I noticed one of Abby and I couldn't resist. Naturally this picture was taken right before Christmas.
Isn't she adorable and wouldn't you know it --- Santa has a reindeer dog :) What a pup, gotta love her!

December 2008

So I haven't exactly been shy about letting everyone know that I am lagging behind. What am I talking about? Well let me explain...

In December Mom and I took Carrington to Disneyland for her B-Day. I know its January and why is this just now being posted. Well two reasons --- first I just got the blog up and running and second I just downloaded the hundreds of pictures to the computer. I actually started the blog tonight because I was waiting for the pictures to download and then I got consumed by everything so here it is nearly 1:30 am and I am still up and posting to my blog.

Anyways, back to Disneyland! We had a fantastic time. I won't say that Disney was as magical the second time around as the first. Maybe that's because it was chilly, Carrington was a little under the weather, there was a part of us missing or a combination of the three. There were times when Mom and I looked at each other with that knowing looking just barely holding back the tears - yet then there were those times when those tears just seemed to naturally dampen our cheeks. (I guess we never forget and wherever we go Dad is 'still' with us!) Regardless of those few moments, there were moments of pure joy.

Some of those joyous occasions came with watching Carrington being told over and over "Happy Birthday", special presents from Mickey (delivered to the room - of coarse), riding roller coasters, meeting Mickey / Minnie, watching parades and searching for that perfect picture spot. It was a little sad that Carrington had grown so much from our last trip - she quite literally had to walk the whole park and wasn't able to piggy-back on the scooter with Grandma, but we managed.

Since the pictures are fresh to the computer - I thought I would put a couple up here. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Love is in the air - Class

It's here... Classes out of my home.

As many of you know - I have re-started classes out of my home. The first class will be this Sunday, 1/25 from 2-5.

For your $20.00 fee you will create a total of 8 (yes you heard me correctly) cards / projects. I hope to soon have payment by credit/debit card up on the site, but I'm just not there yet.

As you can see from the picture some of the projects would be fantastic for teachers and kids. Don't miss it - R.S.V.P. today!

It's official!

Well, I have finally broken down and started my own blog. This has been on a long list of "I would like to do one day" but naturally time seems to always be short and it gets pushed to the back burner.

Anyways, I am jumping into the blogging world for a few basic reasons:
1- To showcase my latest creative juices in the scrap and stamp world
2- Inform you of upcoming classes
3- Share with friends and family the many joys and few sorrows that occur throughout life
4- Naturally SU! and Cricut

I will try my best to title posts with a specific heading so you don't have to read the latest about the dog unless you want to.

Enough said --- I guess it's better to just get started.

About Me

Hello! My name is Erin and I admit it I am a scrap and stamp o-holic. I won't try and hide it, maybe one day I will find my way to classes for help, but today I am taking the first step - admittance. I am a very proud mom of a beautiful eight-year-old daughter. My daughter is the reason I scrap and stamp - without her the memories I preserve simply wouldn't mean as much. As if I haven't shared enough about me, I have the most phenomenal mother on the planet. My mom is my rock, my best friend and my hero. I am proud to be her daughter! ~E~